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UNLIMITED Video Editing is your little secret to making better quality videos at a faster rate.

Why Use Unlimited Video Editing?

All your videos edited for a flat monthly fee. 

We save you hours of time, enabling you to focus on your creative pursuit.


Your personal video editor will understand your style of videos and edit videos that you'll be impressed with


We aim to make working with us as easy as possible and as hands-off as possible. 


Your project manager is the only person you have to work with, and they are a pleasure to talk to!

How it Works

After you submit a request for our subscription, we'll see if we're a good match for you. Here are the next steps we take:


You are assigned a personal account manager who will introduce themself to you and assign you a professional editor. Your manager will be your main point of contact and source of updates for your projects.


You'll be invited to your new project dashboard on ClickUp where you can submit video requests, view live status of your videos, and communicate with your manager.

Easy Editing 😎

After orientation, you'll be ready to submit your first video request! You'll receive your first draft in just 1-2 business days and you're welcome to make as many revisions to your videos as you like!

Our Pricing



  • Unlimited Requests and Revisions
  • Royalty Free Media Library
  • 1-2 Days Turnaround
  • Available Monday-Friday
  • Dedicated Video Editor

Max Edited Video Length: 10 minutes



  • Unlimited Requests and Revisions
  • Royalty-Free Media Library
  • 1-2 Days Turnaround
  • Available Monday-Friday
  • Dedicated Video Editor

Max Edited Video Length: 20 minutes

Add Ons

Unlimited Thumbnails


Get personalized thumbnails for all your videos



60 minutes a month of subtitles & video transcriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many editors can I get? 🧑🏻‍💻

You are assigned 1 dedicated video editor under the essential plan and 2 dedicated video editors under the premium plan.

However, you are welcome to stack plans to add more editors to your team.

Adding on more dedicated video editors and removing them are as simple as shooting us a message - we'll adjust your subscription accordingly.

How many videos can I submit? 📩

You can submit as many video requests as you'd like! Please be aware we only edit and complete one video per editor at a time, but we actually welcome you to queue up as many videos as you can because it helps both of us to stay efficient.

What types of editing do you do? 🖥️

We can do the following editing:

  • Color Grading
  • Transcription / Subtitles
  • Lower Thirds
  • Text Animation Templates
  • Multi-Cam
  • Transitions
  • Chromakey / Green Screen
  • Thumbnails
  • Audio Syncing, Mixing and Editing

And More! (Please Ask)

What types of videos can you edit? 📹

Please be aware we can not do the following:

  • Record voiceovers
  • Animations
  • Wedding videos
  • Videos longer than 30 minutes

Other than that, we can edit any other types of videos you throw at us!

What video editing software do you use? 🖼️

We use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. We are also capable of providing project files for your videos, if you use these software and would like to continue off of our work.

Can you handle 4K footage? Are there any size limits for my projects? 🗄️

Yes, we can definitely handle editing RAW 4K! If you're going to collaborate with us on editing, we're usually sent proxy files so it's easier on both ends to upload, download, and work with. However, we are also capable of receiving the full and raw footage, and sending back a finished video, like normal!

There are no limits on how large the files you send to us are! However, please understand that if you send us a lot of large files, the turnaround time for your first draft will be longer than our standard 1-2 business days because it'll take a lot more time for your professional editor to review and download the files.

What are your working hours? ⌚

Account Managers: 9:00am EST - 5:00pm EST

Editors: 8:00pm EST - 5:00am EST

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